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Carbondale residents are getting new trash cans this week. Here's what you can do with your old one.

By edburrisdi20086633, Nov 15 2017 06:09PM

From Southern Illinoiian Newspaper "CARBONDALE — A local environmental and community beautification organization is urging residents not to throw away their old garbage cans after they receive city-issued containers this week.

Sarah Heyer, executive director of Keep Carbondale Beautiful, said Carbondale residents should reconsider before putting old cans curbside to go to a landfill.

3,800 roll-out carts will be delivered to customers’ homes by the end of next week, and the city’s Maintenance and Environmental Services department has said it will accept old cans for collection.

But trash bins can be repurposed in a number of ways, Heyer said.

“Some ideas: use it like a wheelbarrow to haul leaves or sticks or dirt; store your emergency food and water supplies in it; poke a hole in the bottom and use it to water a bush or tree; poke more holes and turn it into a compost bin, especially if you have a lid for it,” Heyer wrote in an email.

Residents who can’t find a use for their old bins may clean them out, bring them to Hickory Lodge at 1115 W. Sycamore St. — where the Keep Carbondale Beautiful office is located — and leave them in the back corner of the large parking lot by the shed, Heyer said.

The organization will make cans available to anyone who wants one. Cans that are beyond usefulness will be recycled.

Residents can also recycle old cans by bringing them to Southern Recycling at 300 W. Chestnut St.; the outlet will only accept cans that have been cleaned out and stripped of any metal components or wheels. According to Heyer, this should be a last resort.

“Keep in mind the order of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.’ First, reuse. Recycle comes last,” she said.


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