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Recycle materials

Help the environment through recycling

Basic recycling services are available from Ed Burris Disposal Service LLC as part of our residential and commercial and industrial waste removal packages.


For our residential Basic Service package, a maximum of 2 recycling bins per resident is provided. Additional recycling bins are available for an extra fee. Correctly prepared recyclables are not considered waste.

Recycling glass, metal, and plastic items

Acceptable materials

  • Aerosol cans

  • Aluminum, brass, copper, iron, lead, or steel

  • Aluminum and tin cans

  • Clear, green, brown, and blue glass

  • Plastics marked #1 or #2


Refused materials

  • Ceramics

  • Dishware

  • Frozen juice cans

  • Light bulbs

  • Odorous items

  • Pyrex

  • Shortening cans

  • Window glass


Preparation of materials

  • Plastics should be flattened.

  • Rinse out

Recycling paper products

Acceptable materials

  • Catalogs

  • Computer paper

  • Copy paper

  • Enveloped junk mail

  • Magazines

  • Newsprint

  • Paperboard (such as cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes, phone books, and soda cartons)

  • Writing paper


Refused materials

  • Tissues


Preparation of materials

  • Any newspaper insert can be recycled with the paper it came with

  • Bundled or bagged

  • Keep dry

        Flatten paperboard boxes, remove any plastic sleeves

  • Keep paper separate from cans and bottles

Recycling cardboard

Acceptable materials

  • Corrugated cardboard only


Refused materials

  • Grease-stained pizza boxes

  • Styrofoam packaging

  • Waxed cardboard


Preparation of materials

  • Damp cardboard is allowed

  • Do not bag or tie

  • Flatten

  • Remove any tape or staples

Recycling batteries

Acceptable materials

  • Lead acid batteries from cars, trucks, tractors, or mowers


Refused materials

  • Disposable batteries from items such as clocks, flashlights, or toys


Preparation of materials

  • Set next to, but do not mix with, recyclables, or trash

Recycling motor oil

Acceptable materials

  • Hydraulic oil

  • Motor oil

  • Transmission oil


Refused materials

  • Antifreeze


Preparation of materials

  • Set out motor oil separately in an unbreakable container clearly marked "oil"

  • Plastic jugs with screw lids are OK

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HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS CAN NOT GO INTO THE TRASH! Things like Drano, pool chemicals, bug sprays, etc....CAN NOT go into the trash!

There is a DANGER to the driver if these items explode when compacted! They can also leak and get on skin or into eyes causing serious injury!

Please contact your County Health Department to find the safest way to dispose of these items!