Serving Southern Illinois

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Efficient commercial and industry waste removal

The expert crew at Ed Burris Disposal Service LLC promises reliable and dependable waste removal service for your commercial or industrial business.



Custom plans to fit your needs

Create the perfect custom plan for your business needs at a price that fits your budget. The sizes of our containers range from 1.25 to 8 cubic yards. Service is available up to 6 times per week and contracts are optional, though package discounts are available.


If your commercial or industrial company has a lot of waste or debris to get rid of, there are various sizes of compactors and receiver boxes that are ideal for high-volume situations. These may be your best bet for a hospital, factory, or larger retail establishments.

Trust in our longevity

As the oldest family owned disposal company in Illinois, Ed Burris Disposal Service LLC has the experience you can believe in. Our family-owned and operated business aims to give you the best possible value at a competitive price.


HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS CAN NOT GO INTO THE TRASH! Things like Drano, pool chemicals, bug sprays, etc....CAN NOT go into the trash!

There is a DANGER to the driver if these items explode when compacted! They can also leak and get on skin or into eyes causing serious injury!

Please contact your County Health Department to find the safest way to dispose of these items!